This song was another from my 1992 release SAQQARA. The track showcases the harmonies of Kathy Elzey and Gail George, with Ray Elzey on guitar, and David Houston, as always, raiding the broom closet for things to jingle and smash.

When we found ourselves drummer-less at the onset of making this record we knew we were at a disadvantage. To compensate, we made the best of a bad situation and focused on what we deemed to be our strength, namely, our vocals. I’ve always had a soft spot for pop songs slathered in harmonies, so having two extra singers in the band—particularly ones as skilled as Kathy and Gail—was a bit of a dream. It made missing a drummer nearly tolerable—but only nearly. Though, we played and promoted SAQQARA for a couple of years, sadly, it was our last record together.