As the daughter of an accomplished painter and an opera singer turned shopkeeper, I grew up believing that I too, would communicate in some way through art. I loved music and liked the solitary nature of writing, so my natural inclination was to combine the two. Songwriting was still a hobby when, in my late teens, a fortuitous opportunity enabled one of my songs to be picked up by a local radio station. Overnight my hobby became a vocation. And in the years that followed, I wrote and recorded six independently produced CD’s which garnered national radio and television exposure, a couple of publishing deals, and a modest amount of regional success. Recently, I’ve expanded the scope of my writing to include fiction. And this year, I completed my first novel.

This blog explores my path through music to becoming a novelist. It also showcases paintings by my late father that were not exhibited in his lifetime. And it features observations on creativity from writers, artists, entrepreneurs—other creative thinkers—that I find inspiring, and hope you will too.

Oh yes, and I drink a lot of tea.

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  1. Thank you for inviting me to hear your music, Rob. I liked the raw quality of those you said you were still working on. They had a nice relaxed vibe. Interesting bass parts, too. Good work!


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