FAR AND AWAY —Caron Vikre

Far and Away is the opening track to my fifth CD THE DEAD SWIM.

I remember reading that when Melville wrote the character of Ahab in Moby Dick, he expressly made him a Quaker so that his speech would sound formal and strange. A “Thee” here and a “Thou” there elevated  Ahab’s language to signal to the reader they were about to embark on an epic tale of Biblical proportions.

I copied that technique in this song, in my own small way, by intentionally writing its lyric to sound somewhat old-fashioned, so that in a literal sense, it too might be far and away.

The band line-up here is Steve Mitchell (Drums), Paul Knutsen (Bass), Melissa Olsen (Piano), David Houston (Guitar), and Anton Barbeau (Backing vocals).

It marks the last time I worked with David Houston as a producer.