I CAN’T SWIM —Caron Vikre

This song is another from 1996’s IN THE NICHE OF NONSENSES. As I mentioned in my last post, Niche was a record intended to sound continuous, in other words, to end as it began. In keeping with that circular theme, I tried too to capture the world going ’round in sound—just random noises recorded outside as they happened organically. The sounds on this track were captured while on vacation in Carmel, California. There, I walked around town with a tape recorder in my pocket recording various things I came across. Things like: ladies talking about a menu in front of a restaurant, or a voice from a children’s record that happened to be playing in a shop. I had no idea which song these noises would end up on when I got home, and it didn’t matter. It fit the underlying theme, and that was the fun of it.

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