ALWAYS —Caron Vikre

This song, released in 1996, was the opening track to my fourth CD IN THE NICHE OF NON-SENSES.

NICHE was constructed to be circular. That is, the first song on the record begins in the same way as the last song ends, with the sound of the sea and waves crashing on the shore. When you play a CD and you don’t get up to change it, it repeats, so on NICHE, there’s no beginning or end, it just goes ’round and ’round.

For me, every song too has a shape. Some are boxy and square while others are something else. This particular song is rectangular. It’s long and wide and lyrically dense. So ALWAYS is a rectangle inside a circle that never ends.

There are other bits of geometry onboard, but they require fine tooth combs that would only interest a dentist.

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