POPPY —Caron Vikre

Following the break-up of my band in 1994, I began writing what would become my third CD ALCHEMY TATTOO. The idea, in terms of songwriting, was to write a record that was a bit edgier than my usual. In the process, I roughed up more than my music. Halfway through the project I found myself sidelined by an illness that left me out-of-commission for six months. When I returned, my producer, David Houston had finished recording most of the basic tracks. Guitarist Ralph Stover added the lead noodling, Paul Knutsen (who would play on each of my subsequent CD’s) thumped about on bass, and Renee Gromacki contributed vocal harmonies. All in all, I felt a bit detached from the making of ALCHEMY TATTOO, largely because I was sick for so much of it. Though as time has gone by, I can listen to it as a stranger might and appreciate its highlights.

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