LITTLE MURDERS —Caron Vikre (1992)


This song, recorded in 1992, was an attempt to write in a style that was more relaxed and old-fashioned than my usual. It was inspired by a lemon tree bursting with lemons, standing watch over a single grassy grave; something I remembered seeing earlier in the day at a neighborhood cemetery while at a photo shoot with my band. The contrast between new life and no life seemed sweetly poignant to me and informed the simple, open, melody. The lyrics were about something else altogether and evolved later on. It’s funny to me how the little snapshots we take with our minds, on any given day, can inspire something as abstract as a piece of music.

2 thoughts on “LITTLE MURDERS —Caron Vikre (1992)

  1. Caron, that was wonderful! It definitely had a retro European feel to it. Maybe it was the accordion in the beginning? Yes, sometimes the songs take on a trajectory all their own.


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