RAG SHADOW (Live recording, circa 1990) —Caron Vikre


This track, recorded in 1990, was featured on my first solo CD. On that record, half of the songs were recorded live-in-the-studio and were done in one or two takes. In those days, I was writing a lot and had a backlog of songs I was anxious to record. In hindsight, I wish I’d been more patient with the process and discerning with the material. —Ah well, onward and onward.

2 thoughts on “RAG SHADOW (Live recording, circa 1990) —Caron Vikre

  1. Recording is so much different today. I think that there’s so much reliance in post production today, that the musicianship suffers. I wonder if most musicians today would sound similar live as they do in the studio. Thanks for sharing the song, I thought it was wonderful!

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  2. Thank you, Rob. I appreciate your kind words! I agree, recording is so different today. I wasn’t much pleased with the mix on this one, and the lead guitar sounds a bit thin to me. However; there is a certain energy that is captured on a live recording that is often lost if you fuss over it too much.


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