7 thoughts on “BORN YESTERDAY

  1. Nicely, Done Caron! I like that mandolin playing in the background. It gives a sense of nostalgia and a bit of melancholy. I agree about the interpretation. A rest can be as important as a note, right? So, the absence of a word should have the same impact. Thanks for sharing, it reminded me a bit of a band called Fairground Attraction, whom I really enjoy.

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  2. Thank you, Rob! What I was referring to was a sort of implicity—a hint at subtext. A suggested, but omitted idea rather than simply an omitted word. I suppose, a rest before a note may do the same thing musically. We listeners may fill in the given space with a drama that has not yet arrived.


  3. Enticing lyrics and such a sweet melody! More for me is the departure from the 4/4 meter. As Rob said above, the instrumentation and 3/4 time give it a nostalgic feel. I love the vignette style of storytelling in your songs. Back in 2006, my former writing partner, who was from the northeast, said she chose to write songs which never told the whole story because it allowed the listener to write their own ending. I’ve personally tried to develop that style in several of my songs, but I’m more successful with the complete narrative. Thank you for sharing another little piece of your soul!



  4. Hi, thanks for asking. I’m well, but have been busy nursing my mom who had a fall a couple of weeks ago. She got a concussion and a broken arm as a result of some less-than-fancy-footwork down a short flight of stairs, but is thankfully, on the mend. I hope to be posting again next week.


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