This song was intended to be the first single off Crayon’s second album. We had had some success with the prior two singles “Learning How to Love Again” and “Carry Me Back” off of our first album, and thought this song was more single-y than either of those. When Wayne and I took it around to radio, one of the program directors told us he liked the song and would be happy to play it if we would be so kind as to take out one of the words. The word in question was, “shit.” Back in 1981 you weren’t allowed to talk shit on the air, even if you wanted to. So, I changed the lyric to something more shitty, something I didn’t like, because I couldn’t think of anything else. In the end, it didn’t matter because despite having a fully completed album ready for release, and a song off it that was assured radio airplay, we never put it out. Instead, Wayne and I spontaneously packed up, left town, and moved to San Francisco, where all would be forgotten, and I would begin writing songs for a third Crayon album. In hindsight, that’s what you call letting a dream get away.

6 thoughts on “THE BEGINNING GOT AWAY…

  1. I remember when Pink Floyd released “The Wall” and one of the songs, “Nobody Home”, had the word ‘shit’ in it. I remember it being somewhat controversial. By todays standard, it’s quite tame. I like your song very much! Did you ever consider releasing the album afterwards?

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  2. Sweet song Caron! What a shame the album went unreleased. I had a similar occurrence in 1985 when my band broke up while recording our first album. Back then, it was only going to be a 6-song cassette. We had to bring in a new bass player and keyboardist to finish, but we were never satisfied with the results. So, we shit-canned it. C’est la vie!

    I had a such a mad crush on you back in the early 80’s. The Crayon videos of “Carry Me Back” and “Learning…” used to play as bumpers on a local public TV station. I remember watching shows I was uninterested in hoping to catch the videos so I could tape them. I still have the tape somewhere, but it’s 30 years old and probably degraded.

    I’ve enjoyed your music for years. I’m glad you didn’t let the dream get too far away!


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  3. Caron,

    Back in the early 80’s my friend Caroline Krieger and I were in high school and used to love seeing your videos of “Carry Me Back” and “Learning How to Love Again” (I’m not sure if I’ve got the name right) on PBS. At the time, they were showing reruns of “Dark Shadows” and I believe that’s where your videos would pop up. At the time, it was so unusual to see music videos anywhere except for on MTV with Martha Quinn and her crowd. We thought you were terrific, and it was kind of cool to tell other kids you liked “Crayon” when they were talking about Van Halen, Hall and Oats, Devoe, Men at Work, and Madness. You’re still terrific. Keep up the wonderful work and beautiful sounds.



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