5 thoughts on ““The Gap” Ira Glass

  1. That’s excellent advice, especially considering that artists are their own worst critics. I really like the idea of creating lots of work, and I like the idea of a deadline as well. I have lots and lots of unfinished songs that I think that an idea to complete them will come to me, like some sort of dream. It’ll NEVER happen unless I get the energy to complete them. I’m going to try this and see if it helps complete my backlog. 🙂

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  2. That’s exactly right. I find I’m more productive if I schedule myself to write whether I feel inspired or not. Somedays, I just sit there for hours with nothing but a sentence, or a paragraph to show for it. But following a schedule, over time, trains the mind to work creatively on demand; one foot in front of the other—tiny steps—and then you have a finished piece. I’m glad you liked the video. It’s a good reminder for us all!

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    • The other challenge I’ve been having was the technical side of recording. I found that the learning curve in Cubase was severe. That also put a cramp in my productivity, and at times, had taken the wind out of my sail. Yes, I loved the video and thank you for sharing it!


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