One oppressively hot day in 1981, Wayne and I were practicing in my room at my parent’s house. Practices that began well-intentioned would often evolve into silliness and fits of uncontrollable laughter. This particular day, it was too hot for silliness. Instead, we stagnated; uninspired, in a sweltering lethargy. Cut into the stillness, was the dedicated rattle of a room fan—with the brand-name, “Edison” printed on its base. The appliance did little to cool us off, but instead, provided the title of this song. In the end, the song affixed itself to Crayon’s second record which never saw the light of the refrigerator.




  1. Very nice! As a bassist, I write the music first, then try to add melody afterwards. I’m not always successful. 😦 The idea that you created a song from a fan and made it into something so endearing and listenable is to be commended. It’s too bad that the record wasn’t released – it’s a beautiful song.

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  2. Thank you, for your kind words! I assume you mean as a bass player you write the bass lines first, and then add the melody? That’s interesting. I’ve always approached songwriting from a singers perspective: the melody from the voice in unison with the chords. I love hearing how other writers do what they do, so thanks for sharing!


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