This song was written in 1981 for the second Crayon LP. “Crayon” was the name given to my singing partner Wayne Hueners and I by someone, I don’t remember who, just before the release of our first single. Wayne and I had begun singing together in high school with no hope or inclination to be professional musicians until we auditioned for a “Songwriter’s Showcase”at a local recording studio. When radio began playing our first single “Learning How To Love Again”, our producer, David Houston, and manager, Tom Romano decided a full LP should be recorded and a band put together to promote it. Thus, our little Crayon became a big Crayon with the addition of a five-fellow back-up band. At the time of our second record (and this recording), the five-fellow Crayon had broken up, and a three-fellow Crayon, consisting of Wayne and I and David Houston emerged. My writing assignment for every Crayon song was to come up with something catchy that Wayne could slather in harmonies. Hearing it now, it appears he did just that. Not the best lyric in the world, but it didn’t really matter since the song and album were never released.

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